Welcome to BAIF Institute for Rural Development -U.P.

BAIF started a modest beginning in 1977 in the districts of Banda & Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with ‘Prayag Chitrakoot Krishi Avam Godhan Vikas Nigam Limited. Karwi (Chitrakoot) with an objective to create productive assets with farmers in the form of cross-bred cows by cross-breeding their low productive non-descript cattle with deep frozen semen of superior exotic bulls of Holiestein freisian and Jersey breeds using artificial insemination technology at the door of the cattle owners.

The post-insemination follow-up of all the inseminated cows was an especial and unique feature of this cross-breeding programme for the farmers of the project area. All the inseminated cows were followed up for pregnancy diagnosis if they do not return in heat within two months of last insemination. Thereafter, all the cows thus found pregnant were followed up for their calvings to record production of their males and female calves besides counseling, advise and directions to the cattle farmers for their best rearing and maintenance so as to develop them into good productive cross-bred cows.

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